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The Lean and Digital Transformation Program is designed to increase companies' awareness of lean and digital transformation and to support companies in these processes. The Lean and Digital Transformation Program is carried out with a multi-collaboration approach over 3 separate modules;

Lean and Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment Module

In this module, Başkent OSB Innovation Center will guide companies to accredited consultants in the pools of The Lean Maturity Assessment Analysis (YODA) Training Program created by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and/or DDX Digital Transformation Evaluation Model of TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE. Companies will be analyzed and evaluated to get a roadmap for their transformation.

⦁Lean Transformation Module

In the Learn & Return Program to be implemented by Ankara Model Factory, it is aimed to develop the lean production competencies of the project leaders participating in the program and thus to ensure that companies train their own lean leaders and make their lean transformation sustainable with their own human resources. In the program, lean manufacturing competencies begin to form through the experiential trainings that the project leaders attend in the model factory and develop by applying them in the pilot area selected in their own companies, accompanied by expert field coaches.

Digital Transformation Module

The collaboration to be realized with stakeholders serving in the field of digital transformation is the METU Digital Innovation Center Project, which is the beneficiary of METU, which emerged as an IPA project to be carried out in partnership with MAKFED, TAYSAD, Sistem Global Danışmanlık, Fraunhofer Institute and INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory). In this context, the activities planned for our SME-scale companies operating in the automotive and machinery sector in our region are as follows;

>Digital transformation maturity analysis and strategic roadmap development

>Project implementation

>Skills and capacity building trainings


Solution for assessing and developing innovation management capacities of Başkent OIZ companies!

The Innovation Program, carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Başkent OIZ Innovation Center, is designed to support our companies to increase their competitiveness by improving their R&D and innovation capacities.

The objective of the program is to assess and analyze the innovation management capacities of industrial companies operating within Başkent OIZ and supporting them by providing mentorship, consultancy and training aligning with the roadmap and projects prepared according to the assessments.

The iMAGE (Innovation Management Assessment Gadget for Enterprises) evaluation tool, developed in accordance with the approach of  ISO 56002 (Innovation Management System) and ISO 56004 (Innovation Management Evaluation) standards by experts in the field, is used in the Innovation Program within the scope of the Technology Development Project in OIZs. 

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Environmental and climate friendly Başkent OIZ companies in the transition to a circular and sustainable economy.

Increasing the awareness and capacity of companies operating in the region on “carbon regulations at the border, green and circular economy, clean energy and combating climate change”, determined within the scope of 2021 European Union Green Reconciliation Action Plan, is targeted in cooperation with Başkent OSB Innovation Center and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV). In line with these goals, the “Eco-Production Green Transformation Program” has been designed to facilitate the compliance processes of companies with national and international legal regulations and to improve their competitiveness and profitability advantages.

Within the scope of this program, the capacity and maturity level of participating companies for eco production will be assessed with the EkoReka Preliminary Analysis tool designed by our program stakeholder TTGV. Basic needs of participating companies will be determined and presented as a company-specific Evaluation Report. In the course of the program, participating companies will have the opportunity to continue with the Detailed Analysis/Road Map development and Investment Preparation, Feasibility and Project Plan stages.

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