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İletişim Bilgileri

Şadi Türk Bulvarı No:19
Malıköy - Sincan / ANKARA
Yenilik Merkezi Binası
+90 312 640 11 00
Dahili: 1201 / 1202 / 1203
The President's Message


Başkent Organized Industrial Zone has adopted the goal of being an exemplary organized industrial zone that can provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, innovative, quality service and infrastructure to its firms, increase the production capacity and competitiveness of the industry, use resources efficiently and always prioritize R&D studies.

We know that innovative production also brings sustainable growth. Increasing R&D and innovation outputs, using advanced technology in the manufacturing sector, increasing domestic added value in production, and adopting a high-tech product pattern that paves the way for firms to increase their competitiveness, and contribute to our country's economy. However, we are aware of the necessity of addressing innovation not only in terms of economic gain but also in terms of environmental sustainability. We are aware of the importance of being an innovative Organized Industrial Zone that keeps up with the circular economy period, which expresses "conversion and recycling" instead of the production, use and destruction process in the industrial economy, and that sheds light on firms by implementing various projects in this direction. As Başkent OIZ Administration, we aim to contribute to the economy of our country, primarily Ankara, and to create value by producing, with our pursuit of firsts as a region and our sustainable growth trend that we have adopted together with our industrialists.

With this perspective, we have been launched the Başkent OIZ Innovation Center, which was established in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and our Region, as of January 2023. At this center, we aim to support the competitiveness of firms operating in our region in the local, national and international arena by raising awareness in areas such as R&D, innovation, green transformation and digitalization, developing cooperation, increasing their skills and capacities. We will encourage the evolution of the knowledge and outputs acquired in the production processes into a sustainable learning, improvement and development in the organization by accelerating the digital transformation processes of firms in our region. Our Innovation Center will carry out many projects and studies on different subjects by ensuring cooperation and coordination both between firms and with international, national and local institutions and organizations.

As it has been for 22 years, we aim to increase participant satisfaction with all these works we have done and to achieve more successful results in terms of both quality and quantity in Başkent Organized Industrial Zone. As Başkent OSB Management, we will continue our successful work with the services we provide on the axis of innovation and the motivation to contribute to the development of our industrialists.


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