Başkent OSB Yenilik Merkezi, işletmelerin teknoloji geliştirmesine liderlik ediyor ve inovatif dönüşümü sağlıyor. Yalın üretim, verimlilik artışı, teknoloji yönetimi ve dijitalleşme konularında uzman ekibiyle size destek sunuyor.

İletişim Bilgileri

Şadi Türk Bulvarı No:19
Malıköy - Sincan / ANKARA
Yenilik Merkezi Binası
+90 312 640 11 00
Dahili: 1201 / 1202 / 1203
Başkent OIZ Innovation Center

Başkent OIZ Innovation Center

The heart of technological transformation beats here!

Başkent OSB Innovation Center leads the technology development of enterprises and provides innovative transformation. It offers you support with its expert team in lean production, productivity increase, technology management and digitalization.

According to Eleventh Development Plan 2019-2023 of Turkey (measure numbered 322.4), “Innovation Centers will be established in OIZs to support companies on business development, government support, and project preparation, cooperation with the university, lean production, efficiency, technology management, clustering and digitalization”.

After the 1970s, Innovation and Technology has began to be seen as a key element of economic growth with the inclusion of information technologies in production, marketing and consumption processes. Organized industrial zones have started to go into action as systematic industrial areas in Turkey since 1962. With the world's transition to a knowledge-based economy, interface institutions such as technoparks and innovation centers have gained importance in order to enable OIZ companies to receive innovative services in the fields of knowledge production, cooperation and capacity enhancement in the innovation and technology preparation processes.

The " Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey Towards 2023" report was prepared within the scope of the "Technology Development Project in OIZs ", which was designed in line with the priorities in the 9th and 10th Development Plans, and carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and UNDP, launched in 2016. The target of establishing "Innovation Centers" in OIZs was included in the Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023) with the contribution of previous studies. 

The Aim of Innovation Centers:

  • To encourage companies to switch to open innovation,
  • To develop communication, confidence and cooperation with each other,
  • To provide support to companies in entrepreneurship, digitalization, R&D and innovation in order to increase the contribution of units such as technopark, TTO, research centers to this process.

Başkent OIZ is among the pilot OIZs selected within this framework. 

The Cooperation Protocol regarding the establishment of the Innovation Center in Başkent OIZ was signed between Baskent Organized Industrial Zone and T.C. Ministry of Industry and Technology-General Directorate of Industrial Zones on November 30, 2021. Başkent OIZ Innovation Center has been come into operation as of January 02, 2023.

The center has been started to serve in the Innovation Center building next to the Başkent OIZ Regional Directorate Building with the selection of the personnel of Başkent OIZ Innovation Center.


Project Team

Innovation Center Coordinator

She got Bachelor’s degree from City and Regional Planning Department at METU in 2009 and Master's degree in Urban Design Program at the same university. Currently, she is conducting her doctoral thesis on Regional Innovation Support Policies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She worked in the field of regional development for 9 years in different units of the East Marmara Development Agency. During this period, she carried out various studies on developing of regional policy and strategy, preparing sectoral and feasibility reports, designing and implementing financial and experimental support programs, developing and implementing national and international project applications. In 2017, she successfully coordinated an innovation Management program supported by The Agency to improve the capasity of the companies in the region. On the same subject, she analyzed the innovation management capacities of companies, prepared a tailor-made roadmap and provided training to companies within the scope of an EU Project between 2018-2020. In 2022, she worked as a consultancy in the fields of project design, sectoral and feasibility report preparation in a private consultancy firm. She has been working as a Coordinator at Başkent OSB Innovation Center since January 2023.

Innovation Center Project Specialist

She completed his undergraduate education at METU City and Regional Planning Department in 2018. She graduated from Gazi University City and Regional Planning Department master's program in 2022 and conducted her thesis on urban accessibility and sustainability using spatial statistical analysis. Currently, she continues her PhD studies at Gazi University, Department of City and Regional Planning. In 2018, she took part in R&D studies on traffic signalization systems, signal coordination implementations, dynamic intersection control systems in a private company working on smart transportation systems in METU Teknokent. She worked as a project assistant in TUBİTAK 1003- Support Program for R&D Projects in Priority Areas between 2020-2023. She supported the project on project management, data collection, data mining and geographic information systems. In 2021, within the scope of development agencies support, she provided project preparation for public institutions and organizations on digitalization, innovation, artificial intelligence and big data. She has started to work as a Project Specialist at Başkent OIZ Innovation Center as of February 2023.

Innovation Center Project Specialist

She completed her undergraduate education at METU Chemistry Department in 2013, and received her Master's degree in Organic Synthesis from the same department in 2016. After working in the R&D, technical purchasing and technical sales departments of various companies in the field of industrial adhesives since 2017, she focused on in-house digital transformation projects. She successfully completed the METU-SEM Technological Innovation Management Training in 2022 in order to support her journey of technology and innovation. In this process, where she focused on Agroecological Agriculture and Sustainable Industrial Solutions, she provided materials research and development consultancy to a start-up company that carries out its activities in the field of sustainable furniture production from agricultural residues. As of April 2023, she started to work as a project specialist at Başkent OIZ Innovation Center.